Friday, September 10, 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 Costume Pack

This is why DLC is dangerous. As much has I hate the online community of Street Fighter Hardcore Ryu's and Ken's. I do enjoy playing the game with friends and single player (Fuck you Makato). Something I enjoyed with all fighting games are the extra costumes that you unlock doing random things.

DOA: Hardcore had you unlocking costumes by playing that character a specific number of times. Others had you unlocking them by finishing their story line or by finishing all the characters story lines. So needless to say I do enjoy the alternate outfits.(simple changing the color scheme.{Capcom Vs Anything} does not apply.

I understand to have have these alternate outfits, they have to be designed and modeled and tested. So the days of a character having 4 different outfits are long gone and we are lucky if we get 1 extra outfit. Which disappointments me greatly, for me that is a big part of fighting games.

So what does Super Street Fighter 4 do, they release outfit packs and charge you for them. Poo on a stick, this is what a heroine addict must feel like. I have to get those, but they are far too expensive and I really don' t need them.

So the other day I see all the costume packs for all characters rolled up into a nice little bundle for $17.99 and I snap buy it like that. It was like my brain wasn't in control, before I knew it, I had clicked buy and download NOW, Done.

Well now I have all the outfits for all the characters. But apparently they are only the second batch of outfits they don't include the first batch that was released with the first Street Fighter 4. Dammit brain, this is what happens when you don't read shit!!

Now today I see that they are releasing more outfits. Diddly fucking skiddlwinks!! Really?! I probable won't be buying these as individual packs, but when the set is released at reduced cost, I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to stop myself.

I guess its better than giving money to Activision........ahhhhhh, that thought makes me feel better. Good, I don't have Transformers or COD or the new Spiderman but now I can see Cammy in some weird up the bum outfit. So here are the new outfits just in concept form so far with gangsta Ryu (lame) and what the hell is Cammy wearing?


Kelli said...

Why do they have to make Chun-Li with big thunder thighs and calves, that still bothers me till this day.