Monday, September 13, 2010

Demo Day

A bunch of new demos were launched this past week and I was looking forward to getting around to playing them all, boy was I ever disappointed.

Quantum Theory

Nothing like the TV show Quantum Leap, this is a FPS and right from the beginning I dislike everything. The main characters voice who sounds like Duke Nukem (which I really like) that is trying to be serious and just comes across has very lame.

Then the overall look of the game, its like Michael Bay's Transformers exploded all over the place. It all has that organic seaweed look to everything, the buildings, the creatures, the armor, the guns. The worst part, it doesn't even look that great, so we end up with shitty looking seaweed everywhere.

The controls, you get a partner that runs around with you, a person that you can literally throw at enemies to preform combo moves. The hit detection is horrible, there are times where I am around a corner and I think I am in the clear and I throw her at a enemy, but NOPE. She hit the wall, BUT the enemy was still able to shoot me. Yup, makes sense to me. This demo did nothing for me and if anything made me well aware of how shitty this game is.


This game actually has a very pleasing visual style to it which makes it nice on the eyes. For me, that's where it ended.

This game is a product of where they had a decent little game and someone at some point said, this game is too easy. We have to change how people play it. So instead of letting people press left to go left. Lets have them press square to move forward and then if they want to go right, they first have to press right on the D-pad and then square and if we want them to pivot up, we have them press back on the analog stick and forward to pivot forward and if we want them to invert there driving position we have them press up and down on the direction pad and L2 to stop and X to jump.

Why not have you move forward with the direction Pad, pivot with the Right analog stick and have the buttons for jump, stop and invert wheels?!?!?! This game would play SOOOOOO much smoother if the controls were like this. Instead you are playing mumble jumble trying to get your brain around what to do to make it through a level.

But I understand that this premise and control scheme is the whole point of the game. How fast can you make it through this level using the control scheme we have laid out for you to use.
Based off this alone was enough for me to rip my hair out and kick the game to the curb. Which is sad because it looks like it could be a cute little game.

Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'hoole - The Video Game

I would love to tell what I thought of this game, but I can't. Instead I will tell you what I did see.........a black void of nothingness. The demo did work, I tried it 3 times. Deleted it, downloaded it again and install it and tried it another 2 times and each time I was meet with a black screen that didn't go anywhere.

Ian can confirm that the same thing happened to him when he tried to play the demo aswell. Seems like a pretty big problem and they should get their asses in gear and fix this. Although the store as its rating pretty low, but that is probable because people are rating the broken demo that won't play?!

So yup, demo didn't work, but the blackness was awesome!!!

There you go, 3 demos, 3 disappointments, for me that is. Some people may really like TerRover, I just can't get around the control scheme and Owls of Ga'hoole may be a great game. Cause all games ending in "THE VIDEO GAME" are known for their greatness!!


Kelli said...

Quantum looked liked a wacked out gears of war. The second demo you mentioned my 3 year-old liked it, and my hubby thought it was alright. Have you tried Vanquished? If you like "call of duty" action you will love this game, I know I did.