Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Nintendo Wii Does What Now?

Why didn't I hear about this?! I didn't realize living under a rock made me miss things. You think big things like this is what defines a console from others. For example, The PS3 was known for being really expensive with no Games, The Xbox 360 was known for the Red Ring of Death. I had no idea that the Wii had one of its own, WTF moments(ongoing moments)

What the hell was I doing for the past 4 years! I mean I don't own a Wii personally but my son as a Wii, so there is a Wii in my household. The past few months I have really began considering getting a Wii for myself, I really enjoy the Mario, Zelda and Metroid games and there are a hand full of others that I would really like to try. But my thoughts were,I already have too many games on other consoles that I have to get through, the last thing I need is to add another system and library of games that I will never get too.

But then I started looking more at the Nintendo Store and the virtual console. They have alot of games that I would really like to play casually,most of them are old NES, SNES games. But to be fair I have all of them already on a emulator so it be kind of redundant to get them again. But its the convenience and impulsiveness of the idea that I like.So I was really started to get interested in the whole Wii thing and the price point is fantastic.

That was until this morning when I spoke with a friend at work who told me a story of his Wii. His old Wii had died and he had some virtual console games on it. (I thought OK, no biggie, just download them again on your new Wii) NOPE!!!...can't do that. (What do you mean)

After he got his new Wii, he called Nintendo to ask them for help regarding getting his DLC back on his new Wii. I could not believe what I heard next. Nintendo Help said,"You can't get your games back, anything you download from the virtual console is linked to that specific Wii, so if anything happens to it, you lose all your games as well"

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??!! Really?!?! This seems like the biggest fuck up of all time! Who the hell thought this was a good idea!!? So I went to the Internet to see if this is still a problem. What I got are people complaining that you can't even do transfers and the more tech savvy hacking their Wii's to get them to play pirated versions of the game.

Well I'm sorry, but if I had any reservations about getting a Wii ,then the virtual console system just killed it right there for me. I already have all those games on the PC so it doesn't really matter, but this system that the Wii has set up is inexcusable. Its like every system has to have its own WTF ideals, something so ridiculous that just makes you make a lemon face and shake your head while you take your pants off to ride to mechanical seal. Whats going on now?

There is no excuse for this, both the 360 and PS3 can re download their DLC. Its not a foreign concept. Pull your pants up Nintendo and start using common sense.


Kelli said...

like you I wanted to buy a Wii for the same reasons for Zelda and other good games plus the older games like castlevania. but hearing this makes me wanna take the U-turn and not buy it. I can't put my trust in a console to keep my DLC when accident's happen. Thanks for that piece of info.

Blake said...

Yeah, it boggles the mind. It be like if I bought a new house and they told me that I couldn't bring my furniture from my old house into the new house.

Sry, it has to stay at our old house.