Monday, July 26, 2010

What's it Gonna Cost to Play DC Online?

This is what always deterred me from playing a MMO. Sure they are really starting to get my attention and all. But its the cost to play online, is it really worth it? Depends on whom you ask? I already pay for a internet connection, plus full price for the game AND you want to charge me $14.99 a month to play the game.

And that's what gets me, if I only buy 1 month, I can never again pick it up down the road to have a quick play without shelling out another $15. I was really pumped about the trailer and the content. But the way I play games I can't justify paying $15 a month to play a game. I enjoy going back to my older titles, but this one would be locked out to me.

I think what I have discovered is that there ARE different types of gamers out there. I am not a MMO gamer. Yeah, they look fun, but I think I will stick with what works for me.


Big D said...

Playing any kind of MMO usually requires a substantial time investment. Even more so if you actually want to reach higher levels.

It's not the kind of thing where you beat it, then pick it back up again a while later for a few hours. Usually you play until you:

A)Get frustrated because you don't have enough time to commit to get anything accomplished, then quit and play other games.

B)Play till you reach max level, have pretty much every item you want and realize there is no big payoff at the end. Then give away your character and quit forever.

Of course some players have relapses and resubscribe for a month only to say "Oh yeah, now I remember why I stopped playing this!"

Blake said...

Good info, I would like to try a MMO and I know WOW has a free trial but the realm of WOW doesn't interest me where has the DC universe and Starwars is more up my alley.

So to shell out a possible $59.99 plus tax plus $15 comes to almost $100 with tax, seems a little steep to TRY a MMO.

I would like it if a demo would be available. I really like to test drive one before I commit to it.