Monday, July 26, 2010

My 14th Platinum - Resident Evil 5 : Gold Edition

When this game first came out, I had no intention of playing it. It was one of those that had a horrible demo and the controls did not help it one bit. But Like I said in previous post, if you can make it past the controls there is a great game underneath.

How difficult was it to get platinum in this game? I think it was average, it wasn't hard, it wasn't easy and had a couple grind moments.

If you are going to hunt through these trophies, then the ones that are going to stand out are "beat the game on professional" and "upgrade all your weapons." But what I found, that if you save doing "upgrade your weapons" for last, its not that hard -AT ALL! So just play the game normally while you trophy hunt. When you finally get down to the last 2 trophies, beating the game on professional nets you a shit ton of cash which helps with the upgrading of your weapons.

At the end of the professional mode I had 4 guns that still needed upgrading. I spent 15 min farming money on level 5-2 by killing the lickers in the hallway and then quitting and saving selling my treasures and the continuing from my last save. I did this for 15 -20min and was able to upgrade my last 4 guns. BUT when you first look at this task, it does seem daunting-which it is if you start with that task and say,"I am going to upgrade all my guns before I do the rest". Then yes, it will take a long time. But save it for last and its no problem at all.

I had a great time playing this game. Not one trophy felt like a chore, each play through was fun and played differently due to new weapons and upgrades. It was a great game and really fun co-op!


Kelli said...

When you explain it like that, I feel like I can do it. I might give this game a go.

Blake said...

You can do it, just believe in yourself dammit!! That and lots of crab meat(for others it may be twinkies)