Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SSF4 - Dhalsim Trials: MY ASS!!

I started playing Super Street Fighter 4 recently and wanted to get back into the groove, so to practice I started doing the character trials. Which is basically a set number of moves strung together into a combo. Now I am not a SF newbie, I can pull off all the special moves and all the super moves.

But holy F-Ballz, did they tweak the controls to be too sensitive for the Super SF? For the life of me I can't do any of his combo's. At first I thought my controller wasn't being responsive so I tried my other controller and then a 3rd controller. All of them handled the same way, I hit the button and and nothing would happen.

It was infuriating, so I went online to look for help. Of course the help videos are useless. Unlike other games where you can see what the other person is doing to beat a specific part. Fighter games are different, sure I can see you doing it. But fighter games are all based on timed button presses, so unless I know when you are pressing the button or how fast you are pressing the button. You might has well watch paint dry. For example, watch this video.

So that's great, I just watched all the moves being done. BUT, it shows me nothing about technique. It is absolutely useless and this is the type of videos that you see all over the net.

Here is a video that is sort like what needs to be done, except that its done with a arcade stick and really doesn't explain what you are doing. From the look of it I see some frantic little motions with the stick and then button presses. Still not helpful, but better than the previous video.

What you need to see are videos like this one, which is so fantastic. Its how all fighting game videos should be done. It shows me how fast you really need to move and exactly what motion is being done.

This is how fighting help videos should be done. I mean I did not know how to do a hadoken until a friend of mine showed me how I should be moving my fingers over the directional pad. I was doing it wrong, its all about technique and if you are trying to learn it on your own, its maddening. It makes complete sense for someone who doesn't know the game and are trying to do the simple moves, to just give up. I literally saw people pressing forward, down, forward in controlled presses trying to do the fireball move. But no one says that you have to do it ridicules fast.

I plan on making a video on explaining my troubles a little further.


Kelli said...

That's one of the problems I have also learning how to do the moves, that is why I don't like fighting games that much. If all videos were made like that last one I could do better with fighting games in no time.