Friday, May 28, 2010

Sith Warrior Trailer

I've never played a MMO. Will this be my first?? Are they suppose to look ..ummm...blocky? I don't know, but I'm not blown away by the look of anything. They all look like PS2 quality sprites. Is this what MMO's are suppose to be? We shall see.


Big D said...

For an MMO, I'd say those graphics are actually pretty good. Their philosophy seems to be make it run on any PC, and not slow down even with hundreds of dudes on screen.

Plus WoW seemes to have proved people don't mind blocky cartoony graphics. doesnt do much for me though..

Dan said...

Pretty much what Big D said. But then I have heard Age of Conan has pretty graphics and is doing much better nowadays then at launch.

I guess it will come down to how fun the game play is. It's hard to think of Bioware failing in this department, but who knows.