Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time Trails HATE!

I hate time trials. Any game that has time trials I loath!!! There is nothing fun about trying to make the best time. I'm sure it all stems from when I was a kid. Any race in school or some afternoon sports than involved running to the finish line, I came in last.

I couldn't run fast, it was plain in simple. Great way to make kids feel good about themselves, well its no different with time trials. Especially in 3D Dot Game Heroes, not only do you have to win a race in a certain amount of time to get a life shard and a rare sword. Your guy starts of relatively fast but gets progressively faster has you go.

So at a point it looks like you are watching a video where someone has turned up the speed of the video so it looks like you are watching everything super fast. BUT NOPE!!! that's real time with real time reactions that you have to pull off.

ITS RETARDED......the help FAQ says, "stop at certain points to make it through the rest of the race unscathed." I currently have to win a race in 60 secs, the best time I can get is 85 sec and I am on try 246. So what you need to do is play nothing but this game for the next month to even remotely come close.

For all those that go, "well I did it", " its not that hard". You want to know why its not that hard?? its cause your an idiot savant like that fuck tard RAINMAN!!!

God dammit I hate time trails in games.
Here's a video of some guy doing it, and NO, its not sped up. This is real time that you have to react too. Its stupid HARD!!


rowen26 said...

Atari won't be sending you the award badge I guess!

But joking aside, that's truly lame that they expect you to make that.

I won't even bother. Finishing the game decently it reward enough for me.