Friday, May 28, 2010

3D Dot Game Heroes - PS3

Some people are up in arms saying this is just a Zelda rip off and my answer to that is,"Yeah, and....." Yes, this is a great homage to the original Zelda with alot of other little tidbits thrown in here and there. If you are a fan of the old NES 8bit Zelda games, then this game is for you.

Its has easy and has hard has you want to make it. It has the depth of a RPG and the simplicity of a Mario game. You could probable finish the game in 8-10 hrs by just doing the main quest and sticking to what you need to do or you could poke around and get involved in this rich 3D dot world. There are alot of things to do in this game and it makes for a very entertaining experience, if you want to be a completionist. Much like all the extra bits you can do in any GTA game.

The game follows the standard world is in trouble, save us all from the big bad guy. Collect all the items needed and defeat all the sub-bosses and there you go. That's it in a nut shell. Some other things you can do to past the time.

1) Become the sign master by finding specific signs.
2) Collect all monsters in the beastiary
3) Find all the swords
4) Play Tower Block Defense
5) Kill a little crystal monster 10 times (he's fast)
6) Play Block Breaker(like pong)
7) Race on a track (I hate this game)
8) COUNTLESS SIDE QUEST asking you to deliver a note to getting a autograph to saving someones life all of which will fetch you really good items. In fact the autograph will get you the Giga Sword, the most powerful sword in the game.

My only complaint is that some of these side quest are time sensitive. So if you don't talk to everyone and have certain areas explored and talked to certain people, you can miss whole events which can affect you fulfilling certain requirements, like find all swords or rescuing a certain princess. Which means to get these, you have to start a new game and do it all over again. That can become annoying!

There is also create your own hero using blocks. Much like a LEGO's playtime, you can make pretty much anything your brain can think of. So that's pretty fun, but takes getting used to the building controls.

Being able to control where your game camera is also pretty great, you can have it almost flat with your guy or straight over head. Then you can take pictures of your travels and upload them to a thumb drive. Its a great addition and I like to see it in most games. Pause the game, take a snap shot of it and save it to you PSN account.

Other than that, this is a great throw back to the games of old and I would love to see other games given this treatment. Infact the first Final Fantasy done like this without all the Anime crap would be a great game. Going back to the old, before all the big eyed little mouths gender confused characters took over the franchise. Give me that game I will glady go back to the Final Fantasy.

3D Dot Heroes is great fun for anyone who grew up in the 80's playing on the NES. I give it 8 bits outta 10 bits. Off I got to try a platinum this sucker.