Sunday, May 9, 2010

NHL 10 - PS3

This is a game I had sitting on my shelf since Christmas. After I finally got most of my games that I had gotten for Christmas done, I was finally able to play NHL.. This is my first sports game purchase since 1997. I'm not much of a sports gamer, but I do enjoy watching the Stanley cup playoffs. I've been reading alot about this NHL10 and how amazing it is, so I finally broke down and gave a sports game a try.

I was not disappointed, boy have sports games come along way since the last time I played them. To creating your own team, your own player, your own career, a GM, a Goalie, a Forward. Dammit the only thing missing here is actually playing has one of the referees. There is so much in this game that there's no way I could explain it all in a single post. Each part of this game needs its own introduction and follow up.

I am still figuring out everything, like today I found out that I can replace the music that plays in between periods with my own music. Awesome, because I was starting to get sick of the same 15 songs playing over and over. I created a player, I created a team, I started a career season.There is no limit to what you can do.

My only gripe is that because there is so much, they don't do a good job of explaining everything. One such thing is the upgrade system.The 3 areas to upgrade come with a subset of attributes. So you have Offense, Defense and Athletics and within each other those you get things like Slap shot power, accuracy, balance, endurance, agility,etc. Some are self explanatory, others such has Discipline, Aggressiveness, toughness. Sure I know what they are, but how do they affect my player, it doesn't explain it. So I am left wondering, what do I upgrade, how does this help my sniper has oppose to a Forward?

Other than that, there's alot to take it, but one thing is for sure, this game does a amazing job putting you in the game. When you do create a player, and the camera follows you out on the ice, it really makes you feel like you are part of the game. If you are a hockey or sports gamer, then this game can't be missed. But what the hell do I know, perhaps they are all like this, since I never played any of the NBA. NFL, MLB games.

But you ask any true Canadian and they will all tell you, this is Hockey Country!


Jay MacEachern said...

The hardest thing is for new users, the menu system has remained relatively unchanged over the years. With the reboot each year they assume that people know where it is at. Something they should not do and should at least offer a tutorial or run down.

Blake said...

For sure, I just randomly find stuff. I feel like I am doing,"What's over here".