Monday, May 10, 2010

SSF4 $39.99 My Ass!

I went out this weekend to pick up my copy of Super Street Fighter 4 to replace my old copy that I sold because I lost saved data when my PS3 died. I wasn't a fan of "SUPER" in the beginning, but with all the a new features and reduced price it really started to appeal to me.

Its the sort of thing that $39.99 seems cheaper then $40.00. Its a selling point for consumers, and $39.99 was enough for me to go, "yeah, I will do that".

So I get to the store, I go to EB and the game is listed has $44.99. What?...screw you EB, I'm going to Future Shop, same thing. Finally, at last resort I got to Wal-mart where it is also listed has $44.99.

I'm sorry, this may seem cheap, but I already bought the game brand new for $80, and spent another $15 on DLC. It really was the Straw that broke the camels back, I know its only $5 bucks, but God Dammit, I have principles. It was listed has $39.99, why is it $44.99?!

Don't give me that bullshit about the Dollar being different. Currently the American dollar and Canadian dollar are on par. Taxes you say, the Canadian Government puts more taxes on it. That doesn't make sense, a new release game is listed in America at $59.99 and that same game is the same price here at $59.99. So where is this price increase??

I mean come on, a little research and its easy to see that someone somewhere is screwing us over.

So with that I won't be buying the game. I will just wait for the game to go on sale or wait for the bargain bin price, sure it maybe several months. But at this point I just don't care, we has consumers have to make stands, its our DOLLAR that speaks. $39.99 my asshole.