Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hysteria Project - PS3 Minis

So, I have not payed any real attention to the Minis that popped up suddenly a few months ago on the PSN. But I have PlayStation on my Twitter and a post brought it back to my attention.

Apparently, a horror themed Mini game was on sale in the store. And according to the tweet, it was an awesome game! So my curiosity was piqued and seeing it was only 2$, I figured I'd give it a shot on faith.

Well, the first thing I see when I open it is that it's for PS3/PSP. So, throw the HD resolution right out the window. But undaunted (just slightly annoyed at the fuzzies) I start up the game...

This is a throwback to the early 90's games that were starting to use CDs and would be composed of FMVs. (Full Motion Videos). They were awesome back then, the finepoint technology. Nowadays ... not so much. So you are served a heaping dose of first-person video of you running through woods. LAME #1. And when the video is through, a menu with your choices for the next FMV video comes up. Sometimes, with a timer! OOOooooO!  LAME #2. When you get killed, you get told by a text splash screen!!!!Except the one time, and I was actually taken by surprised! LAME #3

It uses a few quicktime event props appearing onscreen and two puzzles. Well, one stupid-ass "puzzle" that involves just following the right sequence of turns in the forest and one that just involves you paying attention to visual cues. LAME #4
The first puzzle was so badly implemented that on first playing, because I hadn't started the instruction from the start screen, I was caught in an endless loop of running around through the same three videos, with no clue as to what had been the original start point. LAME #4.5!

The "game" is only a first episode of something that will probably never get finished. AND it only lasts about 30 minutes of gaming. AND never explains anything! AND ends on a cliffhanger. LAMES # 4, 5, 6 and 7!!!!!!

Even though it was only 2$, I still feel ripped-off. I could have got better and more fun apps for my iPod for cheaper.

Oh yeah, I forgot. The whole thing is escaping some axe-murderer following you through the woods through traps. A sort of Jason meets slow-walker that always catches up on you even if you're running like crazy (ok, I did find that amusing) but that looses your track when you VERY OBVIOUSLY duck behind a boulder when he's looking right at you. There's also hints at the end that you're part of some scientific experiment. But  who cares, since that will never get explained.



Big D said...

That sounds ultra lame! You probably would have been better off buying a copy of Corpse Killer at a yard sale for 2 dollars lol

Blake said...

At least there was a explosion in it!