Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easy Cap

So I wanted to start capturing game play video so I could do weird little things to it.So I started a search online on how to do this. I found devices that ranged from $20 to $300. All with different things that they could do. I'm no professional, I just wanted something to record video so it didn't look like I just set up a camera in front of my TV.

So A co-worker/friend of mine found a EasyCap Device on Ebay for $7.50. Fantastic deal! So even if it didn't work, it was only $7.50.

I must say that I was very skeptical when I first got it, being has technology and me doesn't get along too well. So to remedy this, I brought along the utmost knowledgeable guy on things blowing up, Ian!!!

I went online to look up videos how to do this and most of them are kids recording themselves setting it up. The videos are simple and make it seem has easy has changing a light bulb. But of course its never that easy due to most of them leave out very important parts.

One, I need a splitter if you want to see the video on your TV and the computer at the same time, without it you can only see the video on the computer and its really small. So I have to invest in some splitters, well worth it to see what I am playing.

The other thing they don't tell you is the settings. My PS3 is connect via HDMI on a HD TV, so all the setting are configured for that. So if you just plug in the cord (like the videos tell you) you don't see anything. What you have to do is recon-fig your PS3 to output AV. THIS IS PRETTY IMPORTANT STEP TO NOT LEAVE OUT PEOPLE!!!

So in the end with much friggin around and videos that told "parts" of what you had to do but were never fully helpful I did manage to get it too work. But again, I have to get a splitter to really appreciate the game play. I look forward to the shenanigans that will comes from this.

I would post some videos on how to do this, but there is honestly nothing out there that was helpful. Videos that assume you know a step, skip a step, people with "Ummmss" and "ahhh", shakey cams. Its horrible, I couldn't find one video that went through from start to finish with all the details. My question is, since my TV is connect to my PS3 via HDMI, will the out put cables from the TV to the easy Cap still recognize the video?