Monday, May 17, 2010

PopCap Bundle vs Midway Bundle : PSN

For 1 week only, Popcap is offering 5 $9.99 games for $24.99. That's a savings of half(For those of us that are math impaired) Its part of the Spring sale and it ends tomorrow, so you got 1 day to take advantage of the deal.

The wife has most of these games on her iPhone and being puzzle games I just passed them up, being has I am not a fan of puzzle games.

But I took a chance on these games being has most podcast and even game reviews all talked highly of these games. I was not disappointed, I am not a puzzle gamer, but these games fall in the everyday gamer. They aren't insane difficult which means that I don't have to work out what happens here if I do this 9 moves ahead. Its really easy to get used to these games.

These games consist of 3 puzzle games a SHUMPS and a Fish Eating game. Odd Choice of games, but they all are fantastic. There wasn't one out of the 5 that I went, "This one sucks". They are all great fun and most of them are multiplayer, Bonus.

The games are Bejeweled 2, Peggle, Zuma, Heavy Weapon, and Feeding Frenzy 2. Not one of those games lacked in any way or form. They are full, refreshing fun games and great to look at.

There is also the Midway bundle for $14.99 for games such has Gauntlet 2, Mortal Kombat 2, Joust, Championship Sprint, Rampage World Tour. Again you are getting a savings of half of the original price. But all these games are the same games that we knew from before. And in my opinion, Gauntlet 2, Joust, Championship Sprint, Rampage are games that have been around for years and should only be a $1 each, while MK2, maybe $2.

So if the midway bundle was $4.99 I would think about getting it. But it doesn't offer anything new that we haven't already scene besides being made for HD. Sorry, but that's not enough.

The PopCap Bundle is just a better deal. For one you are getting 5 new games that we've never played before (most gamers grew up with the midway games-so its not a new gaming experience) The Pop Cap games are fun,innovative, they are multiplayer and they have trophies.(For the trophy hunter out there)

For me, hands down, the better deal is the PopCap Bundle, even with the extra $10, its well worth the money.


Edward said...

I don't know about the others, but I can vouch about Heavy Weapon. Great little game, lots of fun indeed.

Blake said...

They are all fun little gems, I thought I would be disappointed, but they are great fun.