Friday, April 16, 2010

Stupid People saying Stupid Things about Video Games

This makes me ....this makes me stupid. There you go, you've done it world, you made me more stupid that I already was, Great job!! Now I don't remember how to put on pants!!

Anybody can have a opinion on anything, that's the way the world is. BUT, if you are going to go out and stand up for something that you believe in, then please. LOOK SHIT UP FIRST!! Just don't CRAP on it because you are ignorant, which obviously everyone involved in this interview is, except one guy.

Its the high and mighty and ignorant bigotry set out on a witch hunt and the poor guy doing his best saying," Common Sense" I mean the first comment about video games are that they are like movies with a ratings system. And DING BAT says, well you can't stop kids from going in their homes and putting a video game on"

WHAT WHAT!! PDFDFHFFTTT, WHHAAATT!! The guy just said that movies and games both have ratings on them that doesn't allow retailers to sell to minors. Its the PARENTS who are responsible for their kids.

Right from the start we know its going to be a video game bash a thon. These people, Idiots, Morons, un-informed Ignorant Biased ..ARRGGHH. SMASH!!!!

KID,"MOM, I want GTA4"

MOM,"Oh, whats that game about"

KID," You drive around in any car you want, doing missions in this Giant city"

MOM," Ohh, a Driving game! Well then I will get it for your birthday"

KID," Thanks MOM, I can't wait to fuck a Hooker!!!!"

MOM,"What was that??"

KID,"What??!, ......I just said : I can't wait to Fire a Hooter"


KID,"When I get older, I want to own a HOOTERS Club and then Fire a Hooters employee for not going down on me during her interview"

MOM,"Oh, well then. Glad to see you have ambition dear, I will get that GEA5 game for you today".

OOOPS, more brain gone, forgot how to poop correctly. If you'll excuse me, I have to head over to Curtis's and poop in his shoe.


Curtis said...

The Lone Ranger!?!?! Does he even know what westerns were about? Westerns were the first Race war films. About all kinds of violent stuff. Just because you don't show something doesn't mean it's not happening! Common sense is dead, and too many people refuse to say no to their kids. Or worse, have no idea what they're exposing them too then blaming everyone else. Avatar is a war movie that looks like a Disney movie. Just because the violence isn't very intense doesn't mean that your kid can process it properly. Movies and video games shouldn't be raising children. Human beings should, and those human beings need to get an education before they start pumping out unraised kids. GAH!!! To Angry.

I better go clean my shoes.

seigi ac said...

I agree that this kind of people is mainly ignorant, but they are also, as you said, entitled to have an opinion. The problem is that there is ignorance and incompentence in our side. This guy that was "defending" video games, was put there to make an example out of him.

We could get angry about it, but there's no point, we know that videogames are truly beautiful works of art and also technical achievements. And violence... well it's fun, in-game violence is fun, as well as in movies. But one has to be a complete idiot to not know the difference between reality and fantasy.

I've been killing all sorts of things in games for all my life now, and I consider myself a pretty pacifist person, as most the gamers I know.

Curtis said...

That lady says it's Proven fact that kids who have a steady diet of video games have low self esteem and are more violent and crazy?
Yes! that's true. Not because of the video game. Kids who have a steady diet of fried chicken are really fat. It still comes down to the actual fact that Colonial Sanders and Mario Mario are not there to raise your kids. If you weren't prepared for that reality then you really need to using birth control...but how would you know that if you yourself were raised by Marketing and not a human who cares about you. Seriously! in a world where we send kids to ACTUAL war, video games aren't the problem, get rid of the Effing Wars and need for soldiers. Then we can deal with pretend war.

Now Stop pooping in my shoes!!!!

Blake said...

@ Seigi: Oh dear Seigi, you have made the angry in me disappear. But then I think about it again and I want to smash her face in. I'm sorry I can't control it.

@ Curtis: These people were raised by Nuns of Hilter, that's why they make so much sense.

I can't control where I poop now, everywhere looks like a good place to me. Especially since that video made me more stupid, I have NO bad feelings about pooping in things that isn't the toilet.

Big D said...

HURG! That video made me so stupid and angery! Now I'm going to go blow up my school with a rocket lancher like video games taught me