Monday, April 5, 2010

PSN Home Gets Trophies!?

What the hell is this?! I enjoy doing the challenges within games and if there's a trophy attached then so much the better. But this is set out to the REAL trophy whores, people who love to do nothing but add to their score rather than the enjoyment of hunting for them.

For the love of God, one of the trophies is spend $20 at the mall. REAL MONEY!! Why not just put trophies up for sale, its the same thing. If you can sell a Gold trophy for $20 bucks, then a silver would be $12 and a Bronze would be $6. And a Platinum would go for $30, go ahead and do that Sony, I bet you people would buy it!!

Here is a list of Home Trophies.


Score a 300 in bowling

Keep every known arcade unlockable for two weeks


Win a four-player bowling game

Win all Ice Breaker unlockables

Win all Echochrome unlockables

Survive Echochrome stage C for a half hour

Acquire 10 lives in Ice Breaker

Play 50 games of bowling

Spend $20 at the Mall


Log into Home successfully on the first attempt

Win a three-player bowling game

Win a chess game

Establish 10 successful friend requests

Play 25 games of bowling


Win a two-player bowling game

Win a pool game

Get three strikes in a row in bowling

Play every arcade game

Play 10 games of bowling

Play 10 games of Saucer

Open the secret doors in Sully's Bar

Say 'Hello' to fifty people