Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Producer Says So.

If I have learned anything in my career in Television and dealing with producers. It is the producers job to make sure that final product meets standards, budget and quality AND to sell ice to Eskimos.

Not all producers are sneaky bastards, its just their job to make the product seem like Gold is shining from their ass. The best example of this is listening to the commentary and behind the scenes feature in a animated film called Hoodwinked and horror slasher movie,Wrestlemaniac. (there are more, this is just to give an example) Anywho, both films blow monkey balls, they look horrible, the plot is horrendous, the acting sucks. There is nothing good about these movies.

So when you get to the end and you listen to the Producers talk about these movies, you swear to god that they just made the next Schindler's List. So take what you hear from producers with a grain of salt. They are required to make what ever they are working on sound like God's next biggest miracle, whether it is true or not.

So that is why, when listening to this person talk about the next spiderman game, I roll my eyes and take it with has much seriousness has choking on jello.(None of this applies to you Josh, your Awesome!!)