Sunday, April 18, 2010

My 12th Platinum - Fallout 3

By far the longest time I have ever spent trying to get a platinum. I looked at all the trophies before I play most games to get an idea of the kinda of stuff they are asking you to do and then go ahead and play the game normally and see what happens.

After the first play through with just playing the game normally. I then go back and start hunting. Well , you can't do that with this game. There is no playing through for the first time, especially if you want to miss the "get to level, 8,14,20 with good, neutral or bad karma" trophy.

Besides that there are a number of trophies that you have one chance to get and if you miss that chance, then you have start a new game and play countless hrs to get back to that same spot. Not very helpful in a game that's 60 plus hrs.

So, were any of these trophies hard?? No, none of them. What makes them hard is the fact that if you miss them, then you got to start a new game and play countless hrs to get them, which is happened to me.

I had this happened with one particular mission, "Its Strictly Business". I was playing the main quest, where it had me going to Paradise Falls to rescue some kids from slavers. Well, since I was playing has a good guy, I don't do business with slavers, especially ones that kidnap children. In fact, these horrible people needed to be taken out.

So I went in with guns blazing and killed all the slavers and rescued all the children. Then after the main quest was over I went back to do the side quest. One of them was to talk to a slaver in Paradise Falls. .....You mean the same guy that I shot in the head 22 hrs ago?? That guy??

Well then, that doesn't help me. In order for me to get this ONE quest, I had to start a new game and play well into 5 hrs before I could even remotely get to this area. Trying to run into a area of super mutants at level 3 with a pistol is suicide. It was ridiculous hard but I managed to get it.

With that, came my 12 Platinum. GOD!!....boy was this long. RPG's are nuts when it comes to trophies. This being my first RPG trophy what I learned is that if you want to get them, you will have to spoil certain things in the game, otherwise you could end up missing something which results in going back and redoing the whole entire game again. A 6-10 game is one thing, a 60-90 game is MONSTROUS!!!

A thought which my friend Matt does is to make many, many saves all through-out the game. This will sure help you out if you want to go back to a certain point and redo something different.