Monday, April 19, 2010


So I thought I do a section every once in a while about Game RUMORS!! TAADA!!

What this is, is random tidbits about games that are either true or complete utter bullshit, mainly just mess with peoples brains. If you really want to know which one/s is true, just ask me. I will tell you, simple has that.

RUMOR 1: Micosoft is thinking about raising prices on its Gold membership by 10$.

RUMOR 2: At long last, they are finally releasing a new Twisted Metal on the PS3.

RUMOR 3: Nintendo is giving Luigi a son with his own game title.

RUMOR 4: The next Metroid with be played by a male character.

RUMOR 5: Sega is releasing Dreamcast 2.

So there you go, which ones are true, which ones are false. Make your comments and I'll let you know.


Curtis said...

Dreamcast 2? that one must be made up...but it sounds too made up to be fake, therefore it's real? And the rest are obvious rumors. Solved it!

Blake said...

Well it seems, no one cares but you Mr Curtis.

Rumor 1 and 2 are True and the rest are LIES and SLANDER!!!