Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My 11th Platinum Trophy - Battlefield Bad Company 2

So I was playing has normal and then reached rank 23, with that my multiplayer elite trophy unlocked. Whoo hooo!!! I was just glad it unlocked, after posting on some forums I started getting some responses. Such has other people also encountering the bug but the situation resolving itself up rank 25. So most of it, is keep playing and something will trigger it to unlock when you level up.

Got to give a big thanks to my Great cousin, Mike, who helped me get the knife 5 friends trophy and some of my demolition kills. The demolition kills are not impossible to get in regular play. I managed to get 12 myself and the other 8 with the help of my cousin.

Overall, there weren't any crazy hard trophies. The single player campaign trophies were a joke, you could get them all on a single play through if you are really hardcore. And the multiplayer ones are fun and entertaining, just the way I like it. So with that I now have 11 platinum's.