Thursday, March 18, 2010

Natal or Move?

Personally I won't be getting either of them, I think they are just has much a gimmick today has the super scope was for the SNES.

But if I had to pick one of them, I choose Natal. There just something really cool about being able to move things around on the screen using your hands, just like in the movie Minority Report. I don't know how it would apply to playing a regular game such has Mass Effect but for navigating menus and mini games, the Natal device just interest me more.

The Move just seems like more of the Wii but in HD, both of these are just not for me. But if I have to choose, I pick Natal.


Jay MacEachern said...

I'm surprised that you would choose Natal considering almost everything released for it will fall under the younger demographic. With move being able to support major core titles it would definitely be my choice between the two.

Blake said...

I just like being able to move things with just your hands. Regardless of what games are released for each system.

To me its like making a choice between Revlon and Maybelline, I could care less either way:)

rowen26 said...

As interesting technologically as Natal is, I think I'd rater have something that gives me tactile feedback to my actions.

And I still think the Move looks weird with it's giant globe. Makes me think of a Stempunk victorian contraption.

I agree that those seem like gimmicks now, but I remember thinking the same thing about dualshock rumbling in PS2 controllers. Who needs stupid vibrtations? And now I can't imagine playing a game without it. LOL