Monday, February 22, 2010


Demo's can be killers for games. It could mean the difference between selling it or not. This weekend after getting my PS3 up and running I was able to try the mulitplayer on both Aliens Vs Predator and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

I downloaded them on Xbox has well hoping that maybe online demos didn't require a Gold subscription so I could see any differences. But I need to get a Gold membership.

Anywho( and yes I will keep comparing all demos to the Batman -Arkham Asylum demo) unlike the Batman Demo that made me want to run out and get the game right away. I was super disappointed with AVP. The layout of the battlefield was very boxy. The way I remember the first unreal game, which wasn't bad at the time. But today, yes I understand that there are hallways and stuff. But it all felt like I was playing a old Wolfenstein FPS.

The game play wasn't that much better, it was worse. I am a decent FPS and with this I think I died 5-6 time in a row and maybe then get a kill. I spawn, die....spawn, die, the controls weren't tight at all.

And what's with only being able to choose a marine?!! I wanna play has the predator and alien, not the marine you dumb asses!! I played the marine, hes every other character in every other FPS.

If your going to release a demo and its called ALIEN VS PREDATOR. THEN I WANT TO PLAY HAS THEM!!!! Its simple, its like if they released the batman demo and all you could do was control the camera has the action played out. I think they dropped the ball big time on this demo. Based on the game play of the this demo alone and the mediocre reviews I can confidently say that I will NOT be getting this game.

A good thing about the game, the sound is awesome and I didn't have to wait to get online. On my first try I was able to connect and play.

On the other hand, we have Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo. This is how to do a demo, WOW!! fantastic! I can't say enough good things about this, a large level, defending and attacking points. The layout of the battlefield was fantastic, the controls were tight. Unlike AVP, where I was dieing 6 times in a row( I spend more time respawning then doing anything else) I was able to hold my own and feel like I was doing well.

What a great demo, I played 2 rounds and barely scratched the surface of what I was able to do and what was offered in the game. Its one of the best FPS demos I have every played. This game is on the must have list of games to get. I can't wait, its going to be awesome.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - WOW!!


Anonymous said...

You know you can pick your species in the pre-game lobby right?

Blake said...

REALLY??!! Well I am an idiot!

MMMM, with that I will go back and see if I still feel the same way.
This will be interesting indeed.

Thanks for the heads up Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Any time! It might also help to understand the melee combat a bit. Holding both the shoulder buttons blocks. Right shoulder button light attacks and left is heavy.

You can block light attacks and follow up with a light to stagger people. Heavy attacks can't be blocked but take longer. Marine can do light attack and block only, so it's good to block aliens and preds, then counter to shove them away and blast them with shotgun or pulse rifle. Anyway hope that helps.

Blake said...

Nope, tried the alien and the predator.

I gotta say that I was really excited about this game when I first heard about it, but after the demo.

I won't be going anywhere near this game.

Also, trying to play has the predator in Deathmatch became a race of who could select him the fastest if you weren't automatically selected. More often than not I end with being stuck with the marine.