Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Antics in Fable 2 - Evil Economy

As stated before I am playing as evil and forcing myself to do evil things. One such evil thing to do is to hike the prices up on everything, the rent and the shops. So currently I have enough money to buy the place 3 times over.

The down side is all my houses and shops look like shit and have crappy inventory. I"m sure the big evil ruler of darkness doesn't give too hoots about what the town looks like and what shape it is in. But guess what, that's poor business.

Why can't I be evil and be business smart?! Eventually I have to go to these stores to buy items that I need. When I get there they only have shitty items or not have them at all. It makes my quests that much more frustrating when I have to go looking around for a specific item when normally I could have gotten it there.

So yes!! I want to have a smart economy, this makes plain business sense. I can get what I want when I want it. So I lowered all the rent and prices of all my buildings to the starting level. As long has I don't go into the negatives I can still retain evil and corrupt status. Now I have to wait for the economy to recover.

Why would any one do this to their people,? think of all the tyrannical kings who abused their people and stole from them. Think of the story of Robin Hood (yes I know he's not real, sheesh). Your town looks like poop, there's no up-keep. Its harder to get things that you want cause all Bob the shop keeper is selling is rancid and flaccid celery sticks. Be fucking smart evil dictators!! Well, that said, I hope they read this blog and get their act in gear.