Friday, February 19, 2010

Antics in Fable 2 - Love Your Wife

Started playing fable 2 and I know its been reviewed to hell, so I won't do that. Instead I'll give updates has to what is going on in my Fable 2 world. To start, I am playing the game has a evil character. This is killing my morals. But here we go with my first tid-bit.

I needed to sacrifice people to the league of shadows, so I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone. I came across a talking stone head who wanted to see a marriage proposal, so I found a woman, fluffed her up and proposed in front of the old perverted statue face. He was happy I got a new weapon and the wife was happy.

But then I was going to sacrifice her, but felt bad because she was giving me gifts and other "thiiiinngss, wink wink ,nudge nudge". So I said to myself, I won't sacrifice you, instead I will go to whore town, marry a whore and kill her.

So that's what i did and I thought to myself I will have unprotected sex with her, get her pregnant and then kill a pregnant woman. Now that is some bad ass evil shit. But this backfired and the baby was born the next morning. So now I had a baby and 2 wives. And my goodness meter was on the rise.

So I couldn't have this, so I tried to sacrifice my baby, no luck there. He laughed at my farts.Awwwww. So I decided to kill his mother and raise the baby as evil. This was my new plan. But after bringing her to the temple and sacrificing her to the shadow evil people. Child services came and took away my potential going to be evil daughter.

Well then, I said fuck that and went back to the original wife, walked her the temple and set her on fire. There, done and done, back to full evil again.


Loner Gamer said...

And this is the reason why we need video games. It keeps us sane lol.