Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcomes the New Year with Fat Princess

So I'ze back and after 30 hrs of sitting in my jeep I never want to drive anywhere again. Over the holidays I didn't have my game systems, but my brother has a PS3 so I played a few of his games. Some of which made me want to buy them for myself now that I am home.

One of the them was Fat Princess, which when I first saw it I didn't like the price point. I didn't think it was worth $14.99. But after playing it I decided to buy it for myself. Its a great fun little game. It may be more pricey than most people would like and it really comes down to trying the full version. I tried the demo and it just didn't do it for me, but playing around with the full version really made me see what I was missing and I didn't mind spending the money on it.

The game is pretty simple, its capture the flag or bring the other team score down to zero by getting more kills than them. You have different classes, warrior, mage, worker, priest, archer and they all get 2 upgrades. You have to collect wood and ore to build and upgrade your castle and feed the princess cake to fatten her up to make it harder to carry her fat ass out of the castle if she gets captured. That's the game in a nutshell and that's all I really knew about it.

But playing the full version there is a simple single player story which is pretty fun and gets you ready for the online stuff. You can make your own matches with friends or join a group of unknowns where they will drop in bots if enough people can't join. Here is where the game gets sketchy.

IF bots are on your team then consider yourself screwed. They are stupid and dumb as hell. There is a command that you can press to get the bots to assist you in what ever you are doing, attacking, gathering, etc. But most of the time I couldn't get it to work, the bots would just stand there and do nothing.

The other thing is the online play. Although it is initially a great blast, these matches are not meant to exceed 20 min. After the first 10 min, you feel like you want to win the game, after 20 min you get angry because none of your team is working together, lets just say that by the time 45 min rolled around I didn't care if my team won or not and I just wanted to exit the game, which I did.

The key to winning online is teamwork. You need 2-3 people gathering and feeding the princess. You then need 2-3 staying back and protecting the princess and workers. Then you need your raiding party to swarm the castle. Each with the allotted class.

But more times than not is just people running around and doing whatever they want. I even had one guy (our team) who was just being an ass and kept destroying our castle doors with bombs. So has fast has I could build them, he would destroy them.

Other time this blue ball rolled infront of me and I thought" ohhh, what's this" and I went to pick it up. It then switched me to the losing team. ONE OF THE FEW TIMES I WAS WINNING ONLINE and I switched to the losing team. DON'T TOUCH THE BLUE BALL!!!!

Overall, this game can go on forever if people aren't working together and it loses its fun factor and just starts to become annoying. BUT, when people do work together and things start happening, the game really falls into a great flow and its a good time with fat princesses.

Even if 2-3 people were talking to each other and working together it would turn the tides of any match. But the randomness of playing with unknowns really can drag the game down.

Overall I really enjoyed the game and when it seemed like it was becoming a drag out match I just quit and join another game. Fat Princess was a hard sell for me, in the end I did get it. Would I recommend it?? Find somebody who has the full version and try it then. For some reason the demo just didn't do it for me. If I hadn't played the full version, I would have never got this game.