Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Saboteur - PS3 - First impressions

This game had kind of fallen off my radar. A few months ago, I remember being intrigued by it, but totally forgot until I saw a review while browsing. It still looked interersting.

A friend of mine had also expressed that this game was interesting. I got a gift card for Christmas, so I decided to give it a shot.

Interestingly, the first thing you see when you open the case is a code that allows you to unlock a topless lap-dance. This made me laugh out loud. Yes, the FIRST thing I think of when I buy a game is that I hope I can see virtual taa-taas. Sheesh!

Anyway, I put the game in and after a lenghty installing process (4 gigs!!!!) the intro starts on a burlesque cabaret dancer, shaking her taa-taas and most of her junk on stage. The only part that is covered is the nipples, with little tassles. Hahahaha! Ah, Paris!

Anyhow, starting the first mission it was the regular process of learning all the different buttons and getting through the learning curve.

Now, I have a thing when I start a game that I take things slow to get to learn things properly, dying a lot just to test things out. See the lay of the land, get used to the world's mecanics, walk around. It's an open-world game. There's no rush.

But next to me was the world's worst back-seat player ever : my dad. He proceeded to tell me how I should shoot every nazi in the head using an AK-47. In the head! (Except that you start the game with no guns ...) And Why I'm not doing it? It would be so much easier! And where I'm going? And why am I getting into the car? Why am I not getting out of the car? Where am I taking the car? Why am I not punching this guy? I should go that way, it would be better. Why am I climbing there? How come the character isn't getting tired? I missed one of the gas tanks. I should run!! Why and I going there? ...

At that point I died and turned off the console.

Still, the game did look good visually. I'm sure it will be fun.
The initial black-and-white looks feels appropriate and the city (the small part I saw) looks interesting.

And one thing that I liked, which bugged the hell out of me from Assassin's Creed 2 : NOT EVERY WINDOW ON EVERY BUILDING IS LIT AT NIGHT!!!! But that is a rant for another review. Harumf!

The Saboteur Screenshot

I will play again only when I'm alone and less open to ... helpful suggestions.


Blake said...

Sooo, did you choose to see taa taas for not? and what did your dad think of seeing polygonal taataa's?