Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Little Big Planet WATER!!! - PS3

I am watered!

I thought the water expansion pack was coming out a day later (and I was kind of expecting it to come out even later on the canadian PSN).
But no, a quick check revealed that indeed, water was out there!

I was momentarily confused because there`s two downloadable new levels things to choose from: Pirates of the Caribbean costumes and a level kit. I wasn`t sure which one I should take!
I never downloaded any kit pack, but I expected (HOPED!) that that was where the water lay. And it does!

A bit of searching was needed to get to the levels. You got to go into your content and choose the kit. There will be a level to play and unlock the following ones.

The water looks great and add a new fun gameplay element to the game.

LBP never dissapoints and I have to say that I loved the creative ways that people would find to simulate water. I hope this doesn`t stop.
But the water is fuuuuuuuun!

I did a couple of levels and went through the tutorials. As fun as community levels are, it`s good to play a professional designed level.

But I`m looking forward to seeing what people out there come out with!

Go play in water!!!

LittleBigPlanet Screenshot

And I want to take this occasion to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!! Be safe, be merry. And we`ll all see you in the New Year!