Friday, December 18, 2009

Blake's Games of the Year

This will probable be my last post for this year. I leave tomorrow to go home for the holidays and I won't have access to a computer there. I live pretty far north and we are lucky that we got Internet only a few years ago. See this pretty little map, the red dot is where my home town is. Snow banks that cover peoples home.

So before I go, I am going to list my Games of Year awards. So these are only based off of games that I have played. So by no means is it a list of what should have been or what actually is. Its what I had the most fun with over the past year.

Best FPS -First Person Shooter:
Killzone 2 - I had alot of fun with this game and the only reason I stopped playing is because I had other games that I wanted to get through, otherwise I still be playing it.

Best RPG-Role Playing Game:
TorchLight - I haven't played many RPG's this year and recently started and still am playing TorchLight. Its a fantastic mini version of Diablo.

Best DS game:
Scribblenauts - This game lends itself perfectly to playing a little here and there and while I take a poop. I don't have to sit down and play for 1 or more hrs to enjoy this game. That's the main reason why I like this one. I don't like long play sessions on handhelds.

Best Action Game:
Batman-Arkham Asylum - There is no better action game that came out this year than this. Its a fantastic game and sets the bar really high for other superhero games.

Best PSN Game:
Pain - I know it wasn't released this year, but they keep releasing DLC for it and I keep enjoying it. Its a game I play every now and then and I enjoy every single time. Its a fun mindless romp!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - It doesn't stand no where near the first game. If you are going to play these games, stick with the first game, its superior in ever way except graphics(but they are very very similar)Even thinking about this game makes me want to strangle somebody in Activision or Vicarious Visions.

Batman-Arkham Asylum- I played this game to 100% and I loved every min of it. I played through the game twice and wasn't bored on my second play through. I did all the trophies and wasn't frustrated or bored with any of them. This game kept me entertained from the min I started it. IT has free DLC that adds excellent game play to the over all experience. I really enjoyed everything about this game.

There you have it, by no means is it a critics list or popular majority. Its "MY" list.

If I do manage to get my hands on a computer over the holidays, maybe I will post a bonus post. Until then, I'll postie again in 2010.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.