Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LAST Ditch Effort To Save My PS3

So on the advice of my friend Beatfreaker(Jaison), he suggested I back up my PS3 data and then do a reboot of the system, clearing it of all its data.

Then boot her back up and see if the error persists. If it does then its a software issue, those damn updates better not be the cause of my troubles. Heard too many stores of friends PS3 being wonky after updates. One friend his PS3 wouldn't even turn on after the update, coincidence or just bad programming?!

Anyway, this is my last attempt to fix it, if this doesn't work then its a new one and the headache of transferring everything over to that one. Its just like Bruce Willis making a last ditch effort to save the world/building/little kid or Matthew Perry.


Loner Gamer said...

I have never heard of a PS3 not turning on after a software update - Sony is pretty good with fixing a firmware update quickly when there are slight issues arising from it. However, it is common to hear about those who mod their X-Box 360 getting their consoles bricked from a firmware update due to Microsoft's anti-piracy efforts. The same goes for the PSP and there are people who still haven't updated their launch PSP because they want to still be able to play their pirated games.

I doubt that the firmware is causing the problem because if so, it would have been widespread but you never know. Good luck.

Blake said...

When I looked up the error 80020, what ever it is.

Its listed has a temporary error and if it persist to reboot my system.

So its more or less a last ditch effort before I spend the money.Who knows I may get lucky with it, but I ain't holding out.