Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fleeced Shear Terror - IPhone

This is the latest game that the company I work for has released. I thought I give it a little plug has something that you may be interested in.

Premise of the game is a little different. You are 2 brothers who are feuding and trying to trip up the other. How??

By getting your llama shaved of course!!! You both have a pen that contains your lama. What you have to do is shoot at your opponents pen to destroy the walls so that the rustler can walk in and shave a bit of your opponents lama. Who ever has a naked lama at the end, loses.

Of course you can upgrade your walls, repair your walls, buy new cannons and upgrade them and repair them. Steal money from your brother, destroy his walls and cannons or just knock him on his ass.

So you have to manage all of that and try to destroy his walls to let in the rustler. Its a fun little title and its on for a limited time at a reduced price. Can't beat cheap!! Plus it got some great reviews from game sites if you want to take a look.

Pocket Gamer Review - Silver Award
Touch Arcade Review

What the critics are saying:

“Shear Terror is just addictive. Better than a drug, and you can get your daily dosage of llamas while you are at it. In fact, you hate llamas if you don't play this game. Fast-paced action strategy game that will keep you playing for hours!”
-musttap.com [Golden Tap Award]

“Cleverly weaving together action and strategy, Fleeced! - Shear Terror epitomises creative design and competitive fun.”
-pocketgamer.co.uk [Silver Award]

“Nothing says "shear terror" like a good old fashioned brother vs. brother llama farm cannon battle, and Fleeced! – Shear Terror (developed by Bight Interactive Inc.) delivers that action in spades. This is the a revamp of the "castle defense" genre that absolutely works, and it even comes with online multiplayer.”

This is all I could find at the moment, feel free to search for yourself. Its very well received!!

I had alot of fun animating the video.