Friday, December 11, 2009


Holy CRAP!!! I got shivers, I got super excited, I think there was movement in my pants!!!!!!

This looks awesome, Although it doesn't show any game play, no idea what the game is about ,I love the trailer and the look of the transformers. I mean why didn't they use those designs for the live action movie, in fact frozen turds on a stick would have been better than what Michael Bay decided to use.

Although its Activision again, so I may wait for one to go on sale at EB Games and get it second hand. See what the reviews say and see if it is worth helping out the developer. I wouldn't mind doing that.


Loner Gamer said...

Thank the galaxy that a developer has decided to make a new Transformers game not based on Michael Bay's vomit-projectile inducing movies. It does look promising - I like the fact that it doesn't take place on earth. By the way, have you ever played the 2004 Transformers made by Melbourne House for the PlayStation 2? That was a pretty decent game for the franchise and it looked really good for that console generation.

Blake said...

I certainly have. Although overall, its not a bad game, quite fun and I did really enjoy it.

By far the best transformers game to date.

With this new transformer new I was thinking of starting another blog, this one showcasing my transformer collection.(Great, something else to waste my time)