Monday, December 14, 2009

Beating StarWars the Force Unleashed on Sith Master

Yup, got my 10th platinum with this little title. Overall its not one of the hardest games I've ever played, BUT, it does have one of the hardest Boss battle I've ever played on any game, EVER!! That being the boss battle on level 2, the Junk Planet. The crazy little Jedi with 4 robot legs. (God, I hate him.)

Literally, after you do that the game just gets easier. I mean its still challenging, but not rip your hair out frustrating!!

Here are some tips to help you get through it.

1). Dash is your friend. You will want to dash everywhere, don't walk don't run, dash. Like Forrest Gump, if you go anywhere, make sure you are dashing.

2). Use hit and Dash tactics. Because you can't take any hits(or alot). You don't want to focus on one guy and then move on to the next. This will result in death. What you want to do is dash, strike (make sure he's knocked over) and dash to the next guy. You basically want to make sure that enemies are either knocked back on the floor or just getting up. Once you see a guy getting up dash towards him and knock him down again. Don't worry about killing them on a combo, what you want to do is just keep moving around has fast has you can, getting strikes in when you can. Staying still or staying with one enemy will get you killed.

3). The big Stormtroopers (the big tall ones, I don't know what they are called, they shoot missiles and are a pain in the ass). You will want to lighting combo them. I don't mean shooting lighting, I mean pressing square, triangle, triangle.( I don't know the xbox buttons) This combo will keep them stunned and its creates a nice cycle that can help you defeat them rather quickly. But if there are other storm troopers around, you will want to kill them first.

4). Progression, when you enter a room, you want to take out the weakest first. Always start with the snipers, then the rocket pack stormtroopers, then the shotgun/cloaking stormtroopers and finally the regular grunts. Then you can move on too the big guys, the AT-ST or big storm troopers. Don't just go for the strongest enemies in the room first and try to kill them. The little ones will make your life a living hell.

5). Upgrade your Resilience and Vitality first. Then your Saber Damage. But a trick that can help you get these up quickly. It really is almost a cheat. In the later levels, really far into the game, a side mission will ask you to destroy a communication tower. Its in the level that you jump to the middle of the tower, destroy the 5 generators around the tower and the tower falls over and gives you a yellow sphere upgrade. After you have done this, just jump into the hole and die. It will restart you right before you have destroyed the tower, so then, just destroy the tower has many times has you like to keep getting yellow spheres to upgrade your defense and stuff.
But this doesn't happen till late in the game, so you will still have alot of stuff to do to get to here. Its still no walk in the park after you upgrade.

6).Upgrade(Max out) your Force Push and Lighting all the ways for your power first. I didn't put any powers into force grip. I put 2 into force repulse and 3 into force shield. I just jump into a group of enemies and force repulse or push the group all over the place.

7). A trick that works because the game is soo glitchy, is you can attack certain enemies from afar and they won't come after you. If you can pick up items around you and throw them at enemies first. Throw everything you can get your hands on. IF you are far enough away, the enemies won't even do a thing. They will sit there and take all the punishment you can throw at them.

8).Each Boss seemed to have one weakness. Except the 2nd level boss.So please forgive me, cause I don't remember all the names of actually characters. And I mean 2nd level, this is not including Vader's level. Its the first level that starts with Starkiller.

Level 1 Boss (General Kota) - Force push seems to send this guy flying, force push and dash in for a strike.

Level 2 Boss (Kazdan) - He likes to get F'fd in the ass. Good luck!!

Level 3 Boss (Shaak Ti) - Force Repulse seems to knock her off her feet every time.

See here is when I don't know what levels we are at.

Bull Rancor - Wait for him to charge, dash outta the way and you can get in 6 saber strikes on the back of his legs before dashing away and repeating cycle.

Maris Brood - Lighting Shield. Keep this up and find her when she is invisible and strike her to death. As long has she is invisible she is vulnerable and the shield with help find her.

Proxy - Again, force repulse really helps in this fight. Darth Maul seems to have the force repulse has a weakness. It helps anyway.

Vader Fight 1 - Block and wait for him to use the red force push, jump over him and hit him from behind. Repeat until you move to the next room

Vader Fight 2 - Run into the room and immediately run to the left and start throwing things at Vader and don't stop until you've throw everything in the room at Vader. Once he jumps to the smaller area follow the same pattern in fight 1.

Final Boss, either emperor or Vader. I went with Vader because its 10 times easier. Although morally I wanted the good ending. When fighting Vader, just keep dashing around him and force gripping him. Once you grip him, throw him against the wall and dash towards him and stab him. Repeat and I killed him in less than 2 min. OOH yeah!!!

With all that, I honestly thought that once I started the game on Sith master and I was having alot of trouble in the first levels, I thought, "yup, that's it, I ain't getting any further". But, once you get past the second level, it really does get easier. I mean Vader is a walk in the park compare to the first part of the game.

Now with the release of starwars the force unleashed 2, I can't wait to get my hands on it.