Thursday, December 10, 2009

Battletoads - NES

Ok, like most of my post, I'm not going to "REVIEW" this game, instead give the story of me and my experience with it. If you haven't played this game, you've at least heard about it in some form or fashion. If you haven't heard about Battletoads and accidentally came here while looking for fighting frogs then you are at the wrong site.

Its 1991, I'm between that age where I still like my toys but I am noticing that girls smell pretty. Its a confusing time for me. To help with the transition I think that pounding baddies into the ground with frog/toad like characters will make all these awkward feelings go away.

WHAT, this is 2 player?!, holy shit I gotta get someone else to play with me. After about an hr of playing with someone I realize that we arn't going to get past the first stage due to my friend not being able to stay alive longer than 2 min intervals. Oh that's great, I died once and you died the rest of the times, thanks ..thank you...don't you have somewhere you have to be, I think I hear your mother calling you, you better go home, don't want to get lost in the wind/snow/hail/tornado storm.
Well 2 player on Battletoads is useless if you want to progress, great fun for a while, but don't expect to get anywhere.

So I make it past the first level and it's all well and dandy until, "yup, you've guessed it, those damn hover bikes"

AAAANNNNDD, that's where the game goes in the shitter. I don't know how long it took me to get past that stage until when I finally did do it and immediately died in following stage only to have to restart the whole thing again. Well, I got pretty good at the bikes, lets just say that.

Well with that outta the way I can progress at a slow and steady pace, dieing alot but learning and being able to do it the next time around, its really not that bad.

Then the game developers decided that the bikes were so much fun that they would do another stage, but this time FASTER and HARDER. So yup, this is where the game ended for me, but not for a lack of trying. I couldn't do it, the pillars came out faster and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't do it. Luckily this game was a rental so I didn't have to beat it to get a new game, THANK GOD!!!

So after trying and trying and getting no where ,I hung my head in defeat. I revisited the game here and there only to be reminded that ,"yup, that's balls hard".

The only thing left of me to do is accept that Battletoads didn't do its job in helping my awkward transition and all I could do is go ahead with my task of finding out why girls smell the way they do.

Here is the EASY bike ride, that's right!!! THE EASY ONE!!!


Mirco said...

i could never pass that game at that exact same section. this and bayou billy were both games burned into my memory by constant frustrating repetition.

Blake said...

I wanted the game Bayou Billy so bad when I was a kid. Then when I finally got it, it couldn't get past the first level.