Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Road to Victory

Cause I haven't bought a new game since October, I've been going back and replaying my old games. Going back and working on getting some trophies, mainly Starwars-The Force Unleashed.

So far its all sunshine and lollipops, nothing really that hard about it. That is until you try and finish the game on its hardest setting.

The boss battles in Force Unleashed were always a little steep when compared to the actually game play. Its like if you were running across a valley then all of a sudden given a 400ft steep cliff to climb at the end.

So I plugged in and started the game on its hardest setting. The first level was difficult but got through it ok. The same for the junk level (level2) then you get to the boss. OOOHH MMYYYY GOOOOD!!! Is this fucker hard!!!

It is easily the hardest thing I've ever done in ANY game, yes even harder then the end boss on Killzone 2 on its hardest setting.

I ran to the Internet crying and broken looking for strategies for beating this asshole(Kazdan Paratus) None of them worked.Why??

Its all just too random at the hardest setting, people saying,"do this method and he will never hit you, AT ALL!!". Bullshit!!

Things that happened to Me while trying to beat this guy.

1)His Force Push. I don't know if he has it laced with poison ever 5th or 6th time he uses it. But I could have spent 10 min taking away 1/4 of his life and I would have full life. He then use his force push, while I was blocking. It would hit me and I would die. It would take away AAALLLLLL of my life in one hit, blocking it didn't seem to matter. Other times it would take away a small portion of my life. Regardless of what I was pushed into, pushed into nothing, pushed into the wall I understand. But to be blocking and absorbed a force push and immediately die!!!??? This happened countless times. Because of this, I could avoid all of his attacks but his force push was a crap shoot.

2)The middle portion of the floor. On this level there is this little raised area in the middle of the floor. You can easily walk over this except when you get stuck on it. But it works both ways, I could get stuck and the fucknut could also get stuck. You could be trying to close the gap to get a quick strike or trying to run away and get stuck on this little ledge. Either way, your fucked. At once point the enemy got stuck and I was lighting striking him and he wasn't able to get over the lip of the middle floor. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, WHOO HOO. I will just stand here and lighting strike him to death,.....but then he forced pushed me and I instantaneously died.

3)Patterns. This guy is all over the place, yes you could learn all his moves and when he generally does what and when is he going to do it. But on insane shut your mouth hardness level, that is mostly out the window. You could be thinking you are doing the right thing with a great pattern of hit and run, and then outta no where he explodes balls all over you and your dead. Yup death by ball death, it really didn't matter. The game saw that you were taking advantage of something and said, "fuck you player, your MYY Bitch!!!!"

4)Glitches. Oh good there are so many glitches on this stupid game. My favorite is when they are not facing you and use force push in the opposite direction, BUT I still get hit. Really?!! He was shooting south, I am north, did it travel around the entire planet??..i guess so, cause I got hit with it. This happened countless times, I would be facing to his right, he would strike left and I get hit with imaginary invisible swings.

5)LOCK ON. AAhh, that is a joke. In this critical time where ever strike, every push, every lighting bolt counts, to have at the last min have it lock onto a rock and strike in that direction is frustrating beyond all belief. You can hold R1 to achieve a lock on, but you better hope that the auto lock locks onto the baddie before you press R1, other wise you are going to lay a world of hurt on that inanimate object.

6)Blocking. Who needs to block?!! For shitballs sake, let me block. I would press the block button, but there is a delay. That split second delay is all it takes for dick weasel to stick me with his laser prick.

7)Spamming. I would like to spam the shit outta this asshole. But I can't..but....the computer can spam. Countless times I would be blocking and he would do this one combo that ended with a force push. If you blocked it the first time, he would just stand there and spam, force push over and over and over and over and over.Until eventually it would break the block and send me across the level.
Overall, this is what it must feel like to be F'ed in the A by a bunch of prison inmates. By the time the 12th guy take his turn, you really don't care and just accept that this is whats happening. It is brutal!

I tired to find help online and they are somewhat right. With 6 hrs of trying to find out how to beat him, I found a chink in his armor that none of the help videos tell you. SO PREPARE FOR THE HOW TO: FUCK THIS MOFO UP!!

1)The first portion of the battle is the hardest. But, this works and works 100% of the time when you do in the second and third portion of the battle.

2)The enemy jumps into the middle of the screen, make sure you are facing the direction of where he enters.(The area where he climbs up and throws shit at you )

3)When he lands, lock on to him with R1, and tap the lightning strike. Don't hold it. Tap it twice. The first one may be blocked but by tapping it twice gets his every time. Don't do a frantic double tap, Just tap......tap.

4)After that immediately follow up with 2 taps for force throw. You could try one, but 2 makes sure you hit him. Sometimes you can only do one due to how much energy you get back on the recharge time.

5)When you throw him, he will fly off the edge of the arena and climb up the poll to jump back in. Its here that you back up and repeat the process.

Its the first battle portion that is hard because the walls are all still standing. So when you do the force push, he will slam into the wall. But if you keep force pushing him in the same direction, it will eventually break through. Now this is hard and will take some practice, but by god, does it make life easier.

So I guess by now, you have deduced that I have gotten pass him, THANK GOD!! This boss was super hard and so far I was able to go through the rest of the game with relative difficulty. But I still have a long way to go, until the next boss stomps me hard.

Here are some videos that I looked up. They all have the general way to defeat him, but they are either facing the wrong direction, blocking when they don't need too. Just making it harder in general. The way I describe above will work 100% of the time for the 2nd and 3rd portion of the battle.

This method is useless, he blocks force grip 80% of the time. I don't know if this guy is cheating or has full upgrades. But judging by the amount of life that the enemy loses upon each hit, I am assuming its on a easier setting. He doesn't lose that much life per hit on the hardest setting.

This is the best video on how to kill him.


Jay MacEachern said...

This is exactly what I will be doing over the holidays is catching up on some titles.