Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's wrong with my connection?

This has been happening from time to time, but now it's full-blown constant.

My PS3 keeps not being able to connect through my router.
Without changing anything, it suddenly .... stopped.

All the lights are on, on the PS3 end and the router.
The wire works (I checked it).
Sometimes, I'll be able to suddenly log in.
And then it will stop for no reason. And won't connect back.

When I try to configure the PS3 to reconnect, lights on the router flash, so there IS SOMETHING happening. But then it always times out, saying it can't obtain an IP address. The shit?
I've tried automaic IP, I've tried entering it manually. Nothing!

All the other things connected to the router don't have that happening. They work!
My wireless things also keep working.

But both my wireless and wired connections from the PS3 just crap out.

This is frustrating! I can't log on and I didn't DO ANYTHING to change anything!


Blake said...

So your internet works for your computer but not log on to the ps3?

Can you access the internet via your ps3? I had a thing where I was having problems connecting to the internet with my PS3.

I was unable to sign in to the PSnetowrk, but was able to connect to the internet with the ps3 browser. Does your Ps3 browser work?
So with that it was just a PSN thing and it worked itself out with time.

The other time the eastlink guy shows up and checks the entire house for a lose connection. He did inside and out and up the pole. After he done that, he said he tighten a few loose wires and said more than likey that's what was causing your internet to drop.