Thursday, November 19, 2009

My First Chat on Xbox Live

Wow! A couple nights ago I had my first chatting experience on Xbox live. I was playing Dark Sector while talking with Jaison while he played Modern Warfare 2. I see what all the hype is about. This is a fantastic feature.

I understand what pat was talking about, when he said why did our voices drop between loading screens while playing resistance 2 online. I've always taken that has,"that's just how PS3 online is. Most games lose the chat when the game loads". I can see after being on Xbox where you can talk through everything and then all of a sudden losing chat because the game is loading would be annoying. And it is.

I'll admit I didn't know what I was doing. Jaison sent me a message saying he wanted to chat. So I rushed in the closet to find the 360 box and get my headset which was still in the plastic. Then I couldn't find where to plug it in. Poking at all the holes on the Xbox until Jaison says, "its on the controller". AHHHHH, I see, that's pretty cool. Probable eats up my batteries faster now since its powering the headset and controller. I still don't like that about the controllers, batteries. I have bought a charagebale set and a charger, but now seth uses them. So I have to get him his own set has well.

But Sony needs to get off their asses and get this feature on the PS3, there's no reason they shouldn't have it on there. no more god damn home shit! I don't care about new furniture for my apt or new pants.

I did hear from a podcast that someone from Naughty Dog was talking with a Sony rep and let it slip that cross game chat will be coming with the next update for the PS3. But I expect a lot of bugs and just weird shit happening. Anyway, great stuff. I'm still not paying 60$ to play online.