Friday, November 20, 2009

Dark Sector - Xbox 360

I've finally gotten some time to play one of the two games that have been sitting on my shelf since Christmas of last year. Mainly because these aren't games that I was interested in, they just came has bonus games with the Xbox 360 bundle. Not to say they are bad games, they are just games that I would not buy on my own.

So is Dark Sector Bad?..No. Its not the best FPS I've played, but by no means does it fall into the category of some of the worst FPS I've played. Haze, Fall of Liberty comes to mind for Bad FPS.

So here is me trying to keep it simple( I doubt that)


1) Using the Glaive and all its powers is a really nice and new take on the FPS genre. Throwing that thing and slicing enemies heads off is very satisfying. Its just not a throw mechanic, but you can control it in a slo-mo event, you can charge it with fire, electricity and ice. Each having different effects on enemies. My favourite by far is the Ice, throwing a ice glaive into a group of enemies and then detonating your glaive to instantly freeze them all.

2) Adding powers to the character is a nice touch to game play. You can create shields, make yourself invisible, supercharge. It adds that little bit of more to a game that otherwise would make it just another FPS.

3) Upgrading you weapons. You have slots in weapons that you buy that you can add, more damage, stopping power, accuracy, clip extenders, etc. Its just a nice little touch that I enjoyed doing. (what I didn't understand and I still don't. I don't know if I missed a part in the story but when you pick up weapons on the ground dropped by enemies. You can only hold on to the gun for a certain amount of time before they dissolve in your hands. I never understood why. But if you buy your own gun from the black market, then that gun will always remain with you. IT was funny cause when I would pick up a gun from an enemy, when it started to dissolve it would start to beep. This beeping drove my dog,"Moose" insane. He would stare at the TV and growl and little half barks. It was quite funny.

4) Vehicles and BFG's are always fun. This game has a fun little machine for you to drive around in plus a fantastic gun that you get way late in the game. It makes you slow has hell, but with fire power like this you don't need to run.

Those are the things that I liked in the game. Then we have the standard FPS which has nothing special. You played one like this, you've played them all. Its the glaive and its powers plus the upgrading of your weapons that makes it different and keeps it from becoming stale.


1) Again the same problem that I was having with uncharted. The covering system and dodge are the same button. So lots of times I wanted to dodge gun fire quickly by tapping the dodge button and instead, because I was near a wall, box,etc he would take cover. Often times taking cover on the wrong side of the item. So there I am out in the open crouched down infront of the box with all the enemies on the same side has me has they shoot and kill me. Its like running the wrong way down the football field has my team looks on in amazement and the opposing team stand around and say,"no, leave em alone, hes doing well.

2) Not being able to get around enemies. I learned early in the game that you can't go around a enemy quickly with a dodge. Instead I just slammed into a invisible wall. With a group of enemies, mainly the ones that melee you. I became trapped in a corner has they punched me to death all the while I was unable to do anything but die. It felt like an old fashion stoning.

Other than that, there weren't really too many things that kept coming up. I mean, there were times that I couldn't tell where I was getting shot from, some areas were really dark and I couldn't see. It had that grey gun metal feel to the over all game, not has bad has gears of war, but there none the less.

The game is not bad. I doubt I will ever play it again but I did enjoy myself. The game is 19.99$ if you want to buy it, I got it free. If you are a big fan of FPS and have to play all FPS. Then you'll be happy with this buy, its ok. Point Being, the game didn't want me to make me rip my eyeballs out at anytime.

I can't give it a score. Its ok. Scores don't matter anyway, so I will give it a "Q"


YAGRS said...

It's not often a game achieves the high score of "Q." I may have to check this one out.

You have a glaive in this game, eh? Seems like the developers may have been fans of Krull.

CyberStrike3000X (The QQQQ) said...

This must be the greatest game ever to reach the Q rating.

I must buy it now.


Blake said...

HAHAHAH, greatest game to reach the "Q" status not forgetting "P" status of course!