Friday, November 20, 2009

PS3 Firmware 3.10

So an updated started last night and my first reaction was ,"oh crap!" I got it confused with the 3.01 update that made alot of PS3' not able to play blueray disc.

It updated and I stuck a disc in and it played just fine. So with that, I went to explore what was added.

1) Facebook linked with PS3 account. ummmm, no thank you. Its all optional, you can have your account linked to your facebook. So it will show your trophies has you get them, store purchases and gaming. I'm glad that its optional, this and home are the 2 most useless things on the PS3.

2) It updates how you view photos. So instead of a big list of photos, there' a selection of thumbnails in a selection box. Much more navigable. But because I don't have any photos, this is pretty blah. I mean its more efficient if you use this feature, but were that many people complaining that they had to scroll to look at their pictures?!.

3) My favourite, you can change the color of your PSN display card. So where it use to be grey, now you can select from of selection colors. So now instead of a list of grey where your friends list is, now its a rainbow of colors.

No Cross Game chat like everyone was saying, with the rumors and all. That's very sad. I like the new color feature. I hope eventually that they make a more elaborate feature to snazzy up the friends card. It starts with colors to eventually theme cards, which we will probable have to buy. But you know what, I will happily buy a theme or 2 for the right price.


rowen26 said...

I'm starting to get annoyed at all the PS3 updates coming up on my Facebook.

There should be a way to block those updates on the Facebook side.

CyberStrike3000X said...

One good thing that came out of the Facebook feature is that the Web Browser works on a lot more sites than it could before.