Sunday, November 22, 2009

Conan - Xbox 360

Just got finished Conan. I gotta say, its not a bad game. It was alot more enjoyable than Dark Sector, not that "that" game was bad. I just enjoyed Conan alot better. I have a few gripes with the game, but overall, its not bad at all.

Yummies, (couldn't think of a word for pro's)

1. The gameplay is pretty fun, very god of war like, but without the polish. Very rough around the edges in regards to hit detection and the like.

2. Conan has 3 skill sets he can choose from, sword and shield, double weapons, and two-handed fuck you weapons. I went with the sword and shield. I like to play a little defense. Each skill set can be played on the fly. He can he caring a sword and shield and then pick up a two-handed weapon on the ground. Pretty simple, and of course each weapon has their own set of skills to learn. Kinda like ninja Gaiden, but no where near has involved.

3. There is enough variety with weapons and kills to keep the gameplay fun and feeling new.

Grips or Grips (Kinda like wind and wind, record and record)

1. Jumping. Conan I guess was never known for his jumping skills. LOOKOUT , CONAN IS JUMPING TOWARDS US!!!!! No worries, he will just misjudge the jump and fall to his death or just not jump at all and run of the ledge to his death. WoW, the game really captured that part of the comics. I soo remember reading all the times Conan jumped to his death, or tried too.

2. The loves cheap hits, not since streets of rage or double dragon have I come across a game where enemies will surround and punch you to death, no matter what button you press. You cannot move or dodge or run, nothing. You bounce around like a pinata from one sword to another.

3. The graphics arn't that great. ok, that's being nice. This looks more like a PS2 game, cut scenes and all. They really didn't pull their weight on this game.

4. The voice acting is some of the worse I've heard in a long while. Half the time I couldn't take it seriously and just chuckled through what was saying. Even the very last lines of the game when the woman was telling the last parts of teh story, I still don't know what she said. I wasn't listening, all I heard was a over the top,"NOW HEAR ME CONAN, blah blah, blah, blah!!
Through the whole game I am going, "I've heard Conan's voice before, AAHH, that's right, it's Ron Pearlman!".
God did he never not want to do this project. I like Ron Pearlman, but did he ever drop the ball on this gig. I think he phoned in the dialogue while he was taking a shit, its just plain BAD!!

With that, the games not half bad. I enjoyed it more than Dark Sector and I finished the game in little over 6 hrs. One thing I didn't like and this was Xbox related. During Quicktime events, they would flash, B,Y,A,X and I don't use the Xbox controller alot. So when the buttons would flash, I would quickly glance down to see where the buttons were. But of course you only get a split second to tap the correct button. And that second that it took me to look, made me die, ALOT!!!

I had the same thing with Kung-fu Panda, but that one was a little more forgiving because its a kids game. But this was hardcore, there were titties in this game, BOOBS!!

So with that, if and when a game does come out for both systems, I will probable stick with the PS3. I am just more familiar with the controller, dieing all the time cause I hit the red button and not the yellow button gets old fast.

So, Conan - Good - like boobies and toast.


YAGRS said...

GoGamer has offered this game for $9.90 a couple of times, and I've wanted to pick it up, but I have yet to do it. I've always been a fan of hack-and-slash games, and if they captured the feel of Conan at all, I'm sold (especially for $10).

Blake said...

It's worth 10$. I could even see myself going back and trying it on a harder setting to upgrade a different sword class and fill out the requirements for it. But that's my RPG side taking over there.

YAGRS said...

I received Conan earlier this week (got it for $6.90 from GoGamer, making it a little under $10 with shipping), and I just started playing it last night. Like you said, the game lacks polish, but that doesn't keep it from being a lot of fun. I can see myself going back to this one a lot for some mindless hack-and-slash action.