Saturday, November 14, 2009

Uncharted : Drake's Fortune - PS3

I never played either of the Uncharted games, I just never. But was always told that it is a game I must play. So thanks to my good friend and contributor to Pacroid, Ian. I now have the opportunity to play Uncharted - Drakes Fortune.

So I played it. It was good. I enjoyed myself. It was fun. Yup!

Yeah, that says it all. I mean what can I say? Its a great game and if you were like me and never played the game. Then do yourself a favor and play this.

I heard they were making a movie about this. The lead role in talks in Hugh Jackman. I think that's a bad casting choice. I think Nathan Fillion from the FireFly series is perfect (although Ian disagrees, SCREW YOU IAN!!) The mannerism and just how he(Drake) behaved reminded me so much of Nathan Fillion. But I doubt he will get to play the part and we will end up with Seth Rogan or Shia Lebeouf.

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Good


Loner Gamer said...

Nathan Fillion would be the better choice - Or they can cast the guy who does the voice acting for the games: Nolan North - he looks the closest to Drake. But Galaxy please, I don't think I can handle another Hugh Jackman testosterone explosion on screen. Still, turning this game into a movie is a bad idea for though...

The first game was a bit vanilla for me. Naughty Dog could have made another Jak & Daxter for the PS3. I have to start the second game soon - it's the co-op mode that really convince me to get the game. I'd say that if these games were not so gorgeous to look at, I doubt that they would get the rave reviews that they both got from the popular critics. In this day and age, hype rules.