Friday, November 13, 2009

The Winner of the Game Giveaway IS.......

So this is about the saddest thing ever. The first game I give away that I didn't absolutely shit on and called crap gets 2 people wanting it. I guess the card game genre is pretty low.

Well to be honest there were 2 more, but they were both spamers, some German spam and a entire casino wanted the marvel game and wanted me to check out what they had to offer and ALSO, they like what I had to say.

Wow, A online casino like what I had to say. Perhaps I should write to them and see if I can work there writing random nonsense. On to the Wieners!

I tossed both names into a hat with a 50-50 chance of winning, the WINNER IS.....

ADAM!!!!! yyaaaaaaayyyy ( I would have cheered if you won too Brad, I show no favoritism)

So all you have to do to collect your prize is 2 ways.
1) Show up to my house in Charlottetown PEI OR...
2) Email me your mailing address via In a few days I will send you your awesome prize.

If you manage to figure out how to play it then I will also send you a chicken wing. LIFE can't get any better.

Congrats Adam , sorry Brad. Please try again, I am sure I will give away other random gaming shit.


Loner Gamer said...

I love a good card battle game - nothing beats Culdcept though. I could have sworn that I posted on that Giveaway article but apparently not. Oh well, maybe the next one :)

Blake said...

Yeah, unless you were the German Spammer or do you own a Casino there were only 2 other entries.

But don't dis pare, I'm sure I will give away something again soon.