Monday, November 16, 2009

Beating Uncharted : Drake's Fortune on Crushing

I always like to read up on a game for tips before I start playing it on the hardest settings. To find any little tidbit that may help the task at hand.

As always I find the the most unhelpful and incorrect information has possible. Always my favorite is :

1) I did it and it wasn't hard.

Oh well, that helps!

2) Just pick a spot and stay there and pick them off one by one.

Obviously this guy didn't play it on crushing mode. The enemies swarm your position and if they don't do that. They will grenade it from afar. They Flank from every position. I would love to stay in one spot and pick them off one by one, but you can't do that. If you can, then you copy is defective.

3)Its not hard, I only died maybe 2 times per level.

I died countless times per level. The only way that you don't die per level is if you have no job or school and play this all the time. For someone who sits down and plays through like a normal person, you cannot do each level and die less than 2 times. If you can beat uncharted on crushing and not die more than 2 times. Than you fall into one of those categories or are a freak of nature. But since nature didn't have video games in mind when it made the trees and animals, then I guess its just a freak then.

Really, I myself can't offer any real strategy for the game. I mean enemies behave different every time you die and respawn. 90% of the gun fire is instant death and they are deadly accurate with their grenades.

Crushing mode is called that for a reason. Its really hard. But what I didn't notice in my regular play through was the controls. In regular and even hard mode, if you miss a hiding spot or leap somewhere you didn't want to. The game was forgiving enough to give you some recoup time. Not in crushing mode, if I wanted to roll across a hall way quickly, but instead he just jumped out into the middle of the hallway. The game made you pay for you stupid mistake with death.

I died alot because he would hide when I wanted him to dodge, he would crouch when I wanted him to take cover on the corner. He would take cover when I wanted him to sprint and roll. This all results in death.

That being said, some tips. There really arn't any. The usal stuff applies here.
Make shots count, Try to get head shots if possible (its hard). Try and remember how many enemies are going to appear and keep track. There was too many times I cleared a whole room only to be killed by the last guy who was hiding around corner.

Enemies swarm you, they flank you, they grenade your cover area. Shoot, headshot, take cover and repeat. There been times that I ran out in the area and frantically punch and shoot them to death, Finally get past that stupid part only to get shot in the back by a guy I didn't even see.

Crushing mode is really hard. Harder then alot of the other games I've played. Up there with killzone 2, not the boss part. But the rest for sure.

Well with that done, I now have my 9th Platinum. Whats next for the PS3, nothing for awhile. I am going to go and play the two 360 titles that have been sitting on my shelf since Christmas of last year. So for the next little while, its all about lovin the 360.

I would post a video of something uncharted in crushing mode, but I don't believe most of the videos are in crushing mode. Mainly due to watching them get hit multiple times and still surviving and healing really fast. When you get hit in crushing mode it takes a good little while for your health to come back and even then your lucky if the first shot does't kill you cause the second one will. In those videos I seen a guy get hit 4 times and his life didn't even hit gray mode. Pansies Liars!!


IDM said...

Agree 100%. I'm pretty new to gaming. Only played the 2 uncharted games. Finished UC2 on crushing and just finished UC1 on hard so thought I'd try my hand at UC1 on crushing. It's MUCH more difficult that UC2 crushing. I have also got KZ2 put have not played it yet and am wondering if you have any suggestions for me regarding transfer of what I've learned controller wise in UC series to the KZ2 game. It there a setting for the controls that make things work kinda like UC? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Got all trophies on uc1/2/3 but crushing. Im just not good enough, its not time spent, god knows i tried. Ive never given up on a game but this is not enjoyable anymore.

zombiebuster said...

UC1 crushing mode is the most difficult mode ever. Im playing now and It's ridiculously difficult to get past the spanish zombies killers in chapter 17 and I died a thousand times. Urghhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

"Im playing now and It's ridiculously difficult to get past the spanish zombies killers in chapter 17 and I died a thousand times. Urghhhh!!!"

Dude, fire from the hip (DON'T hold L1) with the smg that's lying around. If you try to aim they will swarm you - but the game does a decent job of aiming for you while you point the camera in their general direction.

Seriously, if you've made it this far, you'll own it. I believe in you lol!!!!