Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Don't Exist on Xbox Live

So like I usually do with my PSN card, I just click it and it takes me to a log in page where I can view my online stats. Well this time I try and do the same thing with my XLB card and it takes me to page where it tells me I don't exist on Xbox live.

Doesn't make any sense, the XLB is displaying the proper information of the latest games I've been playing and the achievements that I required. But when I click on my profile, it says its not there. WTF?! oh well, it doesn't matter, it still updates my info. Just shitty that I don't exist in the Microsoft world.

Since I don't exist, I wonder if that means I can murder. I only get one shot at this, so wish me luck.


rowen26 said...

You need to give Microsoft more money, maybe?

Loner Gamer said...

The server for the site was probably just acting up when you were doing that - happens a lot with xbox.com - because I can see your profile just fine :)

Blake said...

So I am a real!! This is what Pinocchio must have felt like!!