Thursday, November 26, 2009

Scribblenauts - Nintendo DS

This is the perfect type of gameplay for how I play my DS. I don't sit down and play for an hr or more on the DS, more like 20-30 min. This game lends itself wonderfully to this type of gameplay sessions.

Premise: They give you a scenario and you have to solve it by typing/drawing in objects that can be used to solve the puzzle. Inventive and Entertaining.

There are 10 worlds each with their own theme and each gets harder. Each world has 11 stages in puzzle and action. So each level has 22 stages, more than enough to keep you entertained.

You are given a ridicules amount of things to come up with. You can't use real names of things like Dracula, but you can use vampire, that sort of thing. Other times different words can mean the same thing. Since you can't use the same thing twice on a level. Writing Explosives and then Dynamite will get you the same item. Which can be helpful if you need more of the same.

The levels start out easy and fun but get hard pretty quick, which results in the creativity becoming stale because I keep using what works. The main thing I use is vampire to kill things, fire to burn or melt things and the rocket pack to get to areas I can't reach. Those 3 things are a staple in my completing a level.

So in that aspect, completing a level and earning points is based on the least number of turns it takes you to create items, the time it takes you to pass the level and the specific items you use in creativity that earns you points. The least amount of points I ever got was 70, it took my 9 min and 12 created items, way past the required par 4 of the level.

Then theres the money you earn which buys you more levels and costumes and create a level , all adding a little more to the game.

Overall, its fun, but can become stale because I keep using what works, other wise dieing over and over gets frustrating. Some levels will make you want to ring your friggin neck and clicking things that you didn't mean too can become annoying. But, its a great time waster for a few mins here and there.

A Great little game for the DS. I scribble it a "Cthulhu" vs "God". Do it and now once and for all you can see who wins in battle, true story.