Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Forums Experience

I recently got into forums. Mainly to meet other gamers who enjoy gaming and possible set up a gaming night with a bunch of enthusiast. The same kind of gaming that can only be had with gaming online with friends.

(I didn't write the ,"are the people in GT idiots")

I listen to a podcast from and they talked about coming to their forums and meeting a great community of gamers. So I tried it out and it was just that, a friendly environment to meet and chat with other gamers around the world.

So with the great success of this and meeting some interesting people to play with online. I dove into other forums and things took a dive for the worse. It turned into who could rape the other the fastest.While GamerDork forums were friendly and genuine, I don't know if its because the majority of the people there were around my age or the admins watch for people who start a bitch fest!

But with these other gaming forums I visited, it was just one guy saying one thing and then everyone else jumping on him/her. It turned into a bitchfest, Xbox sucks, PS3 sucks, Wii blows, you blow, your gay, your a faggot, your a N#$@ER, your mother. God forbid someone post a video, especially if it had a girl in it. I do her, I give her mouth a workout, and it just got worse and worse.

Any chance for a normal conversation is thrown out the window. So I am really glad that there are good forums with common sense admins. But at the same time there are forums where I think admins get a kick outta reading all this bashing. Its things like this why I don't like playing with random people online and then to have it all flood into forums like this or perhaps it has always been like this, I don't know, again I am new to the forum thing.

But doing a little checking into members accounts from forums like this and seeing their history. It appeared to be, if they were causing shit at one site, they were causing shit at others has well. AND, This is the biggest thing, the majority of the people were 14-17 year old boys. The most racist, vulgar people playing games online and on forums were teenage boys.

I was a teenage once, but I've never felt the need to do what these people do. Its sad to see things degenerate into this type of behavior. A little smack talk between friends with a friendly game is one thing, but what these people do is downright awful. The only thing one can do get away from this is avoid it all together, which is sad, because it should be the other way around. These types of people need to get kicked. Why should the people who are enjoying themselves have to leave a online game or leave a forum because of a handful of Assholes?! I look forward to the day when we have more control over abuse like this.

Its the regular bully scenario when you are a kid. The bully always picks on the kid at the arcade and what do the parents tell the kid, then don't go to the arcade. Great!! The bully wins. Its about time that these people get the boots!!