Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Activision - Tony Hawk Ride - FAIL!!!

Bout Time!! If you follow this blog, then you must know I have a hate-on for Activision. Well now, its good to see them fall on their face. It starting to feel like the early 90's all over again with the power glove (or was that late 80's) Nintendo pad, Sega CD X turbo super duper combo gigiMc-goo!!

The new ride looks and feels like it should. If you already know how to skateboard, then you will have a easier time learning this than someone who doesn't. But games arn't suppose to be like that, they are suppose to give people the feeling of being able to do things that they can't normally do in the real world.(like get hands from hookers and then beat them to get your money back in GTA)

This is a great review of the game, I love it. I can watch it over and over!

I especially like the video of the dog on the board. Great, that really shows how well built this shitty ass piece of hardware is. It can be played by a Dog!! (Or is this suppose to support the game and show people, just how easy it is? IF that's the case, are you saying consumers are just has smart has dogs?!. I don't like where this is going Mr Activision!!


CyberStrike3000X said...

This looks like the least enjoyable game I have ever seen.


r4i software said...

It is looking very awesome. I think i have to purchase it. Anyway thanks for sharing this information with us.

Blake said...

SOOOOOO, r4i software..."IT" looks very awesome!?

or...It is looking very awesome?!...

do you have a fleet of bulldogs itchin to get their ride on?!

Dang, I hate getting spam, unless of course ,if its the penis enlargements.