Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Games!!!!

Its DEC 1st, which means I can buy eggnog!!! Yaaayyy. I know I can buy it most of the year, but its tradition, for me anyway.

With Christmas comes video games for Christmas. A chance when your parents got you not 1, but maybe 2 and if Ole Saint Nick was willing and you were a especially good boy/girl that year. MAYBE..just maybe...3!!!! HOLY SOCKS AND BALLS!!! 3 Video games all at once!!??

Don't get too excited, one year, my two games were Mystery Quest and Air Fortress for the NES. What are those games?? Don't ask, I think I wrote about mystery quest back in my 2008 post. Needless to say they weren't too good. That's what you get when you say to your mom, "surprise with me games this year, I don't want to know". Don't do this if you truly want to be disappointed has a kid.

Anyway, with that, comes the ripping of Christmas with Christmas games, but not just any Christmas games. People aren't smart enough to come up with a good game based off of Christmas, so why not rip off a Christmas movie and make that into a game. Sounds great Bob, what do I have to do?!

Now I never even knew that these games existed, never seen any game shots of them, nothing. But seeing has most of them are movie tie-ins, I can only imagine the fine quality of game play that you can expect from these cases of Christmassay Goodness.

So I am going to make a little blurp what I think the game is about.

1) Polar Express:
I never seen the movie but have seen commercials for it. So based off what I know, the premise of the game is like a train simulator. So you sit for hrs and hrs on end has you drive your passengers to safety. Feel free to ring the bell, it whistles God Bless ye Merry Gentlemen.

2) Dr Suess How the Grinch Stole Christmas:
This one is like a old timey mystery game, a point and click game if you will. But you get to play a tough and dirty Who, who interrogates other Who's to find out who stole Christmas and why. By finding out why, we know the how and the who, which who, the who who did the how!

3)The Nightmare before Christmas - The Pumpkin King
Side scroller shooter, you fly around in a pumpkin until you've killed enough village peasants that they accept you has their king, THEIR PUMPKIN KING!!!

4)A Christmas Carol
My favourite Christmas movie/story. This one HAS to be good.!!So because its my favourite Christmas movie/story. I bet it has Transformers -(the good 80's ones not the shitty ass Michael Bay Goat Cheese ones.) - stomp on the poor people decreasing the surplus population. Each stomped poor person gets you a stamp. The stamps can then be traded into the salvation army store for new and bigger stomping boots.

5) The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause
This one is easy, you play Tim Allen who works at the mall as a Santa. You have to make kids like you or other wise they will spit, pee and poo on you. Get covered in too much pee and poop and you lose at life and will probable star in The Santa Claus 11 co-staring Britney Spears.

There you go, a great selection of Christmas game to start off the Christmas Holidays!!