Monday, October 5, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse - PSN - Countdown to Halloween

If you don't know what Smash TV is, then you've somehow wandered on to this site looking for something to cure your Hemorrhoids. Zombie Apocalypse had me interested from the get go. I really enjoyed Burn Zombie Burn but found it difficult to get used to the shooting mechanics. Where Zombie Apocalypse gets it right.

Walk with the left stick, shoot with the right stick. It works for Super Stardust HD, and it works great with this title. Its how it should be set up. If you like zombie type games with endless waves of Zombies coming at you with only your good ole Bertha to set the distance between death. Then you'll enjoy zombie Apocalypse.

It's simple, easy to learn, and fun to play. Great elements for a game. You can choose between 4 characters, they are all the same in regards to play. The guns you pick up range from the standard machine gun, to the mini gun, flame thrower, etc. You shoot waves of zombies that also range from grabbers, to pukers, pregnant woman who give birth to zombie babies with wings and then the zombie babies try to rip your head off. Oh yeah, that's a zombie game!!

But don't expect any depth here. Its just a standard fun shootem up and stay alive. You can add up to 4 people to play with you and its great fun. The first thing I noticed with 4 people is that the look and sound of all 4 people shooting in one direction is exactly like the scene from the Matrix where all the APU's are firing at one spot to keep the machines from entering. It was pretty cool.

There are other options for level selection, 7 days in hell, chainsaw only, turbo, etc. It adds a nice variety in a game that COULD become stale. But I had a great time shooting zombies and it gets even more enjoyable when friends are added to the mix. This is a great game from the PSN and XLB network for $9.99. I look forward to the DLC!

Like I said, reminds me of the Matrix robot battle!


Jay MacEachern said...

This was such a great game for the value!! Definitely earned it's 10 dollar price tag and more.