Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday the 13th - NES - Countdown to Halloween

The first horror video game I played was Friday the 13th on NES. It was a game me and my cousin rented and it didn't come with an instruction booklet. Without the booklet, you really are lost. We played the game the whole entire day trying to figure it out and by the time we had to bring the game back the following Monday. None of use had a clue what we were suppose to do.

This game literally had me scared, not playing it, but the anticipation of playing it. I was terrified of horror movies when I was a kid. But yet I still watched them. So the thought of having Jason chasing me made me poop my pants. But then the game started and all that went away. 8-Bit Jason isn't has terrifying has I thought he was.

The game starts and mostly we collected items, but didn't know what to do with them, we get a weapon but didn't know if it was hurting Jason. It was mind boggleling, so what do little kids do when they can't figure shit out. They make up there own game rules of course.

I remember that we didn't choose the girl character, because woman get scared more easy when Jason comes around. So when all of our guys were dead, we gave ourselves that extra bit of fear because the woman die easier. (Hey, don't fault me, this is little kid logic...logic that I remember)

We also wanted to find a gun, did it even exist in this game?! I don't know, but our little brains were determined to find it. All games have guns, right?! There was also this glass, bottle, I don't remember which, but it was beer to us and made our guys more powerful. I think we saw what we wanted to see, because I remember us saying, "look, he's walking faster!". That's right, when you drink beer, it makes you walk faster. It also makes you throw the family dog against the wall while wanking one out to the sears catalog!!. Its great stuff kids, drink up!

Needless to say, we didn't know what we were doing. But I did manage to play it again when I was older and I still don't what the heck you have to do to win. So was it fun? I remember it being fun for a weekend with my cousin! But I don't think for the right reason. Its like having a ball, yes this ball is fun to throw and catch, but ...what...throw and that what your suppose to do with it?......I stuck it up the neighbors ....."

I guess people can have fun with the same thing for different reason. But if I want to be picky about this game. Then they got it all wrong. It should be Jason's mom who is killing everyone, this game should be called Friday the 13th part 3. That's when we first saw Jason killing people. But I guess having little kids being chased my someones mom with a machete is not the image LJN wanted to portray.

Yes, its much better to be chased by people in sports gear. But has long has you got your beer, you can run forever.So with that, I can't even put this in the ,"games based off of movies", since its not the right game for the movie or vise versa.

The Nerd does a great job of telling the story of this game. If only I had him to tell me what to do.