Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Are You A Halo ODST Fanboy?

This is funny has hell. I'm not poking fun at the Xbox or its titles. I just think its funny......and true. ;)

So Josh, R U a ODST Fanboy?!


rowen26 said...

Hahaha! Pretty funny!

I never played any of the Halo games. So is this cutscenes in the game or just the commercial for it?

Except for the audio, of course. I get that it's a riff. :P

Blake said...

It's a stand alone commercial. Its not in the game has a cutscene.

It be the same thing if they did a live action Mario commercial.

Josh Rodgers said...

hahaha nice! They pretty much hit all of my complaints about the game but overall I enjoyed ODST. The firefight mode is fun and the campaign was pretty good. It should've been a download title though. It feels like Halo 3 was a much bigger game.

So no I'm not a fanboy, but I don;t hate it either. Now Call of Duty is something I'm drooling over!

Blake said...

Activision can kiss my ass...no wait, that's too good for them. They can kiss the crack head down the street with the anal drip and crabs on his ass, ASS!

I ain't buyin it!

I'm perfectly happy with never ever EVER playing COD Modern Warefare 2.

p.maestro said...

hahaha that's great! i hadn't actually seen that full vid, but that dub was all i needed.

as for codmw2, darryl, i think maybe someone still a little hung up that 2007 was the year that PS3 didn't have much going for it. there were hundreds of thousands of people on the codmw servers even during the wildest "everyone in the world is asleep" times. resistance must've felt pretty lonely back then. haha

but it's ok! times have changed! it's nearly 2010 and most 360 owners now have PS3s and PS3 owners have 360s. so the war is over and the balance has been restored.

now we must only fight over which console Assassins Creed 2 will play better on (because it's obvious than any game you play for multiplayer purposes like codmw2 HAS to be played on xbox, haha)

Blake said...

no, no , you got me all wrong. I aint upset about a lonely console war.

I just don't like Activision and their plo to rape consumers. Like I said I will buy the game at regular price from EB or any other second hand game store.

Has long has Activision doesn't get my money its all good.